Micro, small and medium-size businesses nationwide produce a great deal of outstanding products, yet these creative business owners aren’t encouraged to innovate and create more.

The time has come where we should all come together to recognise and encourage these hardworking and greatly skilled men and women who are making a significant impact through their various Industries/sectors.

It’s time to celebrate and commend their passion, tenacity, innovation and creativity. It’s time to reward them so that they will be encouraged to create more and restore the wealth of the economy.

Bellafricana African Creative Exhibition and Awards (termed Bellafricana ACE Awards 2017) aims to laud the creative works of Nigerians, which makes open competition affordable and accessible. In turn, this will encourage more businesses to look inwards (be original) and create more globally acceptable brands.

Participants are offered a unique opportunity to showcase their talents and to have their work judged by the consumers and experts.

1) Best Indigenous Textile Designer
2) Best Emerging Beauty Brand
3) Best Emerging Fashion Brand
4) Best Creative Solution (ICT)
5) Best Supportive Made-in-Nigeria Celebrity of the Year
6) Best Eco-friendly Product Innovation
7) Best Innovative Product of the Year
8) Best Pioneer Craftsman/woman of the Year (Over 10 years)
9) Best Food Produce Innovation
10) Best Creative Kid Entepreneur
11) Best Creative Social Enterprise of the Year
12) Best Creative Kids Brand
13) Best Emerging Artist
14) Best Emerging Home & Lifestyle Brand
15) Best emerging African Brand


Ticket Price

₦20,0001 day
Individual (1 seat)
  • 1 Ticket
  • Dinner
  • Goody Bag
  • Free Brochure