December is the season of gifting special people. To show love and appreciation, say thank you or just simply have a break, relax and have fun. However, the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping can be tedious which is why Bellafricana is having a December Creatives Festival, a one day event featuring quality verified businesses, creative Afrocentric businesses in Nigeria and so much more.

Are you looking for quality unique gift ideas at affordable prices? Or are you looking for where to hang out with friends and family? Then be at the Bellafricana Creative Festival on the 28th of December 2017 at Sheba Hall Bank Anthony Way, Ikeja from 12noon till 8pm.

With over 50 exhibitors lined up, there would be so much to choose from, and you are guaranteed best bargains from clearance sales and networking opportunities.

There would be outdoor games, charades, mystery shoppers, freebies, music, bbq, suya and lots to eat and drink. Most of your favourite creative brands will be there so you don’t want to miss out.

Exhibition Categories include: Arts and Craft, Health and Beauty, Fashion, Food and drinks, Home and Living and so much more. It is guaranteed to be a fun event.

Come network with creative entrepreneurs and round off the year with a big shopping haul of quality brands at DISCOUNTED prices.

Bellafricana as you may already know is an initiative that bridges the gap between producers and consumers of quality afrocentric/indigenous brands. With a focus on Quality Made-in-Nigeria (Non-oil) products, the overarching goal is to create a wider outreach for Nigerian products locally and globally. They have enabled African creative businesses a platform for visibility, growth and credibility.





Make sure you do not miss this event as it will be full of fun for you and your family.


  • Mouth-watering BBQ Chicken, Fish, Steak, Suya
  • Freebies
  • Out Door Games
  • Get up to 75% discount to shop.
  • Get giveaways worth over ₦200,000.
  • Fun Area for Kids – Games, Dancing Competition, Arts, Craft Making and many more.
  • Make New Friends and Connection
  • Free WiFi to browse all day
  • Discount off Taxi Ride
  • Highly Secured


The watch word at Bellafricana is Quality, to this effect; you are assured of the availability of top quality creative Afrocentric businesses to exhibit.

The focus categories for exhibition are; Arts & Crafts, Fashion, Health & Beauty, Home & Living, Food Produce & Snacks, Technology Related Products and services

Why You Should Participate

  • The event is for enterprising Nigerian MSMEs seeking wider access to both internal markets and International markets
  • Ambience Branding
  • Opportunity to promote your business to a wide audience
  • More exposure via our media partners to include online, offline press, radio and TV.
  • Details: Comes with Exhibition Space table (round and rectangular) and 2 chairs.



Why December 28th?

Christmas day this year falls on a Monday, the 28th is on a Thursday, same week as Christmas. Almost everyone is on holiday, this means families, groups of friends will be looking for where to go and hang out.

Where is the location?

Sheba Centre, 20 Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way, Ikeja, off the Road Sheraton Hotel is Ikeja.

Everyone would have travelled, why December 28th?

Do not forget that Lagos currently has over 20 million people. Even if 90% of that population goes on holiday, which is very unlikely by the way, we will still have 2 million people in Lagos. At Bellafricana, all we are targeting to walk in to this event are 5000 people, which is about 0.0025 of the population of people looking for where to chill in December. You do the maths

Why is the date on a Thursday, week day?

Yes, week day but a holiday. Almost all our target audience will be on holiday.

Wouldn’t Expats in Nigeria and interested people be on holiday?

Well fair enough, you have a point here. But have you also thought of the people abroad that will be visiting Lagos, Nigeria and looking for where to buy gifts to take abroad? We are also targeting friends, students and people coming home from the diaspora and surely not all expats will leave Nigeria.

Why the mainland?

Sheba centre is a great location in a prestigious and central part of Ikeja on the mainland. This location is accessible for both the people on the island and mainland.

As a seller, am I going to make sales?

We are making all plans for you to sell out

As a buyer, will there be good bargains?

In fact, not just good bargains but BEST bargains. Almost all sellers will be having clearance sales on your favourite products.

What kind of products will be sold?

Products in these categories; Arts & Craft, Clothings, Accessories, Fashion, Home & Living, Health & Beauty, Food Produce & Snacks and some services.

The unique thing about this event is that all products showcased will be proudly Nigerian made brands. We have done all the vetting and can attest to you buying from quality brands.

Are kids allowed?

Yes, there will be out door games, art, paintings for both kids and adults to engage.

Will there be food and entertainment?

Oh Yes! In fact we want you to take the whole day off to just make the day a date to hang out with family and friends. There will be bbq, suya, burgers, shawarma, healthy food, games, you name it, we have got you covered.