Lolo Cynthia Ihesie fondly known as Lolo Cy. is a moderator, broadcaster and documentary producer at Rave TV and the CEO of Lolo Talks Production.

She holds a Bachelor in Public Health Science and a Post Graduate in HIV/AIDS and Health Management from Monash University South Africa.

Her production company creates content ranging from educational videos, talk shows, short films and documentaries. They also cover events, shoot adverts and create creative campaigns for organisations.

She started the LoloTalks Brand in South Africa as a small open forum at her university, where she gathered different ladies every 2 weeks to chat. It was an opportunity for her to converse with other young women about issues bordering on their personal development, care and visions for living lives of success and fulfillment for a better family, community, nation and more so, a better world. She has a YouTube Channel LoloTalks where she posts videos every week discussing issues that mainstream media normally won’t cover.

She has organized various seminars and conferences focused on enlightening the minds of teenagers and young adults

She Is a Human Rights Activist, which is evident as her passion entails getting people and NGOs together to tackle issues most especially societal issues which we seem to ignore such as elderly care, parents-children relationship; Effect of poverty on the minds of the citizens; Human trafficking; Gender Inequalities; Abuse; Mental Health; Sexuality; Lack of mentors and much more, in order for us to change our beliefs and mind-sets and come together to create solutions.