CEO, Bellafricana (HOST)

Bukky Asehinde popular known as an “Afrocentric Marketer” is a passionate young female Nigerian entrepreneur and founder of Bellafricana, a business focused in promoting creative (Made-in-Nigeria) business development through a platform that bridges the gap between producers of quality creative/indigenous products in Nigeria (Africa) and their consumers globally.

She is very committed, highly motivated and self-driven in her effort to make an impact in job creation and building-up of local talents for economic drive and growth through the use of digital marketing.

She started her business in the hope of creating more jobs and to help develop talents in her area of creative expertise.

This is underscored by the fact that she observed a vast increase in the number of unique products made in Nigeria (Africa) but noticed a huge gap between local producers and consumers.

Hence, she has created an online platform to bridge that gap. What better way than through online, which gives it a global opportunity.

Bukky is of the opinion that if as many products and services which are made by local people can be showcased to a wider audience both local and Global, then we stand a chance of creating more jobs and developing more talents which are things that impact directly on the country’s economic growth.

She has directly impacted into over 1000 local producers and working towards promoting more.

Bukky also founded an inititative called African Creative Exhibition and Awards (termed ACE Awards) to celebrate creativity and innovation in Nigeria and the whole of Africa.

Through this, she aims to encourage more local talents in Africa, to look inwards and create more globally acceptable brands.

Bukky studied Biochemistry at the University of Westminster, United Kingdom. She has acquired skilled training in the United Kingdom from some of the top companies like Wembley Arena, Mcdonalds and is poised to commit her expertise to delivering that right standard of excellence.

Bukky returned to Nigeria to start this upwardly mobile business. She is a member of Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Nigerian American Chamber of Commerce, Nigeria Britain Association and associated with the UK Trade and Investment.

She is also a co-founder to a non-profit organisation called PUSH Relief Project that serves as a back-bone for smaller charities within Africa.